Everyone has a story to tell…

Mine begins being dragged into motherhood, kicking and screaming. I had no plan on ever being a mother, wanting instead to dedicate my life as a missionary, free to travel anywhere, ministering to whomever, and kids just didn’t fit into that picture. Little did I know, God in His wisdom was about to use this baby and his subsequent brothers to give me everything I ever wanted.

In the months after having my first son, I began to notice I was changing, more than just in the way a maiden changes when she becomes a mother. I had stepped into the role of Creator, and marveled at my creation developing before my very eyes, taking note of every new sound he made and every milestone he hit. Then, one night as I cradled my baby, singing purpose and destiny over him, I began to wonder if God, as The Creator, felt the way about me as I did my son.

When I opened my heart as a mother to God as the Father, parallels began showing up everywhere. As I taught my son how to eat, how to walk, how to trust, these little lessons were being reflected back to me, as though the Holy Spirit was saying, “Listen to yourself. Do you understand now?” Did I understand that in the same way I tell my son we don’t eat off the floor, that I don’t need to gather crumbs for myself in fear that if I ask my Father for something, I’ll be rejected?  Did I understand that in the same way I put things just out of my son’s reach, not to frustrate him, but so he would develop strength and persistence, so my Father does with me? Do I understand that love is not the same as giving my son every thing he wants? For if the Father gave me everything I wanted, I would not have anything that currently brings me more joy than I ever thought possible.

So now, our stories have merged. I watch Heaven and Earth meet in the guidance, nurturing, grand successes and utter failures I experience with my sons, His Father heart revealed through words that leave my own mouth. You can read these accounts under God Moments. If you want to know more about who me and my family are, you can read that in About Us. If you’d like to see other instances of God moments in every day life I’ve written about, you can find them in Publications. If you’re interested in hearing more of my story, or having me speak at a retreat, church group or faith based event, please use the Contact form, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I hope as you read my stories, that you find yourself in them and experience firsthand the Father’s heart and passion.