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Month: April 2021

Facing Dread

This is my favorite view in the office. The water is usually full of little white sailboats, and the sky full of big puffy clouds. It’s a view you could drink in all day and still not be too full for more. But not today. In fact, it’s rarely been like that the last 2 weeks. Instead, it’s been dreary, and like teeth, the wet rain sinks the cold right into your bones. On the way into work today, my husband asked what my day looked like. I felt dread… Read more Facing Dread

Welcoming Happiness

This morning I was reminded by the twinge of pain in my back that for all of my composure this week, what I’m carrying is still heavy. Grief, Sadness, Regret, Uncertainty, Existential angst, Responsibility, Creativity……Being present for my children, being present for my husband, forcing self care with some friends, being productive at work…It’s a lot. With a big stretch and a sigh I exited my room and Love met me at the door. Not so little anymore arms wrapped around me, squeezing so tight and asked if we could… Read more Welcoming Happiness

Growth after Rain

My favorite part of a good soaking rain is how green everything looks once it clears up. I remember a couple years ago, our winter had so much rain that in the spring we had a Superbloom, where one could see all the flowers blooming from space! It was really a cool sight to see. This year, we had a very mild Winter, and it got me thinking about how that’s affecting the Spring’s new growth. It also made me worried about the inevitable drought coming this Summer. Watching the… Read more Growth after Rain