Facing Dread

This is my favorite view in the office. The water is usually full of little white sailboats, and the sky full of big puffy clouds. It’s a view you could drink in all day and still not be too full for more. But not today. In fact, it’s rarely been like that the last 2 weeks. Instead, it’s been dreary, and like teeth, the wet rain sinks the cold right into your bones.

On the way into work today, my husband asked what my day looked like. I felt dread bubble up my throat, as I groaned, remembering I would be out of the office today, and I didn’t grab my coat while I was pushing our late 6 year old out of the door. Getting into the office, my heart started to jostle before I even had the chance to take a sip of coffee, and the weight of my to do list leaned on the tips of my toes, staring me down like some school yard bully begging me to swing first.

I walked to the window, and in spite of seeing gray with not even a peek of sunshine, if I closed my eyes, I could see so vividly the splash of ocean and sky blues adorned with textures of white, confident that my vision of what has been and what will be again is just as real as what I am looking at right now. Blue skies and warm sun, joy and dancing, are coming again. Until then, notice that this too is the day that the Lord has made, and you are full of potential to make it count.

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