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Month: May 2021

The Path Ahead

I’ve mentioned before that I need to go on out of office errands regularly for my job, and that when I go to Court, I have to negotiate these massive clouds of flies along the way. Along with the flies, I also have to pass by (and over) people laying across the sidewalk, piles of trash strewn across the walkway and even human feces smeared across my path. This on top of the sidewalk being usually uneven and sometimes completely broken. If I were to judge the correctness of my… Read more The Path Ahead


I am the kind of person that if I sit down at my desk, or at a computer, or a messy table, I will compulsively start working. Unanswered emails in particular call to me like Sirens hidden in rocky reefs, where I know my little bit of marginal time will be utterly consumed as I justify “just one more.” I’m guilty of even answering emails on the ride home (when my husband is driving) while he’s asking me how my day was. The boundaries of my days blur into my… Read more Boundaries