The Path Ahead

I’ve mentioned before that I need to go on out of office errands regularly for my job, and that when I go to Court, I have to negotiate these massive clouds of flies along the way. Along with the flies, I also have to pass by (and over) people laying across the sidewalk, piles of trash strewn across the walkway and even human feces smeared across my path. This on top of the sidewalk being usually uneven and sometimes completely broken. If I were to judge the correctness of my direction by the road to my destination, I would certainly believe I was not going the right way. But I would be wrong, and would never make it to where I intended to go if I turned back just because the road ahead was messy.

Similarly, many of us expect that if we are going in the right direction in life, the road should be smooth and have little resistance. That’s rarely the case. More oftentimes, we are stepping through all kinds of yuck. Sometimes, it’s dealing with environmental factors we have no control over. Sometimes, we step in the mess left by those who went before us and sometimes we are foiled by our own clumsy missteps, but none of these factors indicate going the wrong direction. If the road ahead of you fills you with trepidation, but you know in your heart you are meant to go to that destination, be wise and watch your step but walk confidently ahead. You can walk difficult paths and will get to where you’re trying to go sooner than you expect. And when you arrive, having some shit on your shoes won’t matter so much.

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