I took a picture of this same view on Monday, showing the bustling traffic, and the sun creeping over the buildings as the city came to life. The weather report for the week was sunny and hot. We even had a heat advisory warning issued, and all authorities on the subject suggested we stay out of the sun, remain in an air conditioned environment, and keep hydrated. I anticipated and prepared for abundant sunshine, but instead got this: dense cloud cover, a light drizzle and a cool breeze. I know most of the County got the blast of heat, but am so confused as to how the city center prediction was so far off 3 days in a row.

This scene on Monday was clear, and the information I had lead me to believe it would stay clear. I had no reason to believe or prepare for otherwise and was caught completely off guard when things were not as I expected.

I can not find a better picture to describe the unpredictable nature of life. I’m sure many of us can share a moment when our view was clear, conditions were favorable, and authorities on the subject would claim things appeared to be headed in one particular direction. Then suddenly, an unanticipated event imposes itself in the middle of our vision and obscured the view of what we saw so clearly just a short time before. We’ve all had dread echo within the chambers of our heart asking, “Now what do we do?”

I once heard motivational speaker John Maxwell talk about good leaders, and how they go ahead of the crowd, get within the crowd, get above the crowd and then move behind the crowd, so that they are never caught off guard, are close to their followers and know what their concerns are, have the best perspective and hangs behind to ensure no one is lost to their circumstances. As I am one who is following Jesus, I have to believe that when my vision is obstructed and things are not what I expected, He is not feeling the same panic I am, He is intimate with the desire of my heart and my concerns, He has more information than I do, and he will not leave me lost in the middle of the unpredictable.

Having less than absolute certain knowledge makes me feel out of control and vulnerable, which makes me feel weak. But His power is made perfect in my weakness by proving His grace is sufficient. I am held firm and secure knowing even if things are not as I expected, the story God and I are writing with my life is a good one; A great one even. So I’m showing up to this next chapter with faith, even if I can’t see where I’m going.

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