When I walked in today, the office was unusually lively, everyone already bustling around, hands full of things to do. I smiled at my colleagues and then took a seat in the conference room, staring at the blue sky, considering the stark contrast of my morning brew and our slate gray table against it’s palate, observing how the light plays tricks and in the picture, our table appears brown.

I considered how blessed I am to work in a space with such efficient air conditioning that I choose to wear a sweater at the peak of summer. To start my day with food. To have a comfortable and happy place to do meaningful work. To know as I leave my kids, my partner is fully present and capable of caring for all their needs.

I meditated on how God has never forsaken me, and affirmed my faith that he will not forsake my children.

The sounds of hustle continued to click clack in my ears as I picked up my coffee and forced my gaze out the window and my breath back into my body.

I’ve disciplined myself to preserve my margins, little pockets of time meant for preparation and rest, even if the call to perform attempts to cajole just outside my door. I remind myself I cannot be good to anyone if I am not first good to myself. I cannot be truly thankful for anything if I am first not thankful to God. I do no good for this world if I do not take the time to bring in that which was scattered by the day prior and properly order and orient myself.

I encourage you today to find and rest in your margin. Resist the temptation to fill it with amusement or chore lists or even important matters. It can all wait. Sit in your pocket of time and gather your heart and breath in your body and fill up on gratitude for what you have been given today. Both yourself and the world will be better for it.

Happy Wednesday

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