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The Path Ahead

I’ve mentioned before that I need to go on out of office errands regularly for my job, and that when I go to Court, I have to negotiate these massive clouds of flies along the way. Along with the flies, I also have to pass by (and over) people laying across the sidewalk, piles of trash strewn across the walkway and even human feces smeared across my path. This on top of the sidewalk being usually uneven and sometimes completely broken. If I were to judge the correctness of my… Read more The Path Ahead


I am the kind of person that if I sit down at my desk, or at a computer, or a messy table, I will compulsively start working. Unanswered emails in particular call to me like Sirens hidden in rocky reefs, where I know my little bit of marginal time will be utterly consumed as I justify “just one more.” I’m guilty of even answering emails on the ride home (when my husband is driving) while he’s asking me how my day was. The boundaries of my days blur into my… Read more Boundaries

Authentic Self

Over the last week, while out on office errands, I’ve had strangers tell me they like my hair. I smile and thank them while fighting the urge to tell them about my shampoo regimen, and immediately wonder if my Grandmother, the one whom I inherited my firey locks from, also had strangers comment on her hair. I noticed in the mirror the other day that I have her elbows now, a little cap of squish resting just above the middle of my arm. I think it’s fascinating that I can… Read more Authentic Self

Gratitude and Grief

Let me start by saying I love my job. I’ve said before that my colleagues have been like family to me, I love that I get to do meaningful work that helps real people and I’m pretty sure the only thing that kept my extroverted self sane during the COVID-19 pandemic was coming into the office every day. I have said from the day I signed on that I believe God brought me to this place. But every Sunday, while I’m lying in bed thinking about the week to come,… Read more Gratitude and Grief

This is the Day

My 7 year old took a long time getting moving this morning, and when he finally come out of his room asked me, “Did everyone else go to the car?” I said yes, and gave him a hug, since his whole body turned downward at my affirmation. His hands balled into fists and he punched the air, shouting,”I didn’t even get a bowl of cereal! Now I need to wait until later! This is the worst morning ever.” I told him it didn’t need to be, and offered him some… Read more This is the Day

Facing Dread

This is my favorite view in the office. The water is usually full of little white sailboats, and the sky full of big puffy clouds. It’s a view you could drink in all day and still not be too full for more. But not today. In fact, it’s rarely been like that the last 2 weeks. Instead, it’s been dreary, and like teeth, the wet rain sinks the cold right into your bones. On the way into work today, my husband asked what my day looked like. I felt dread… Read more Facing Dread

Welcoming Happiness

This morning I was reminded by the twinge of pain in my back that for all of my composure this week, what I’m carrying is still heavy. Grief, Sadness, Regret, Uncertainty, Existential angst, Responsibility, Creativity……Being present for my children, being present for my husband, forcing self care with some friends, being productive at work…It’s a lot. With a big stretch and a sigh I exited my room and Love met me at the door. Not so little anymore arms wrapped around me, squeezing so tight and asked if we could… Read more Welcoming Happiness